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Created at: 27 Oct 2022


this is a project that takes the green space that the building footprint takes up and replaces the roof with plants that reduces surrounding and interior heat while encouraging plant life growth and diverse living.Green roofs are a process of raising the earth above the ground, mostly on the top of buildings an elevated space. Not only does it keep the green area surface that the building footprint takes up, but it adds instinctive character to the building by making it become one with the land below and surrounding. There are a few types of green roofs being intensive living roofs, semi-intensive, and extensive. Intensive living roofs are gardens that are made accessible for the public. It is more a visual representation of vegetation. However, these are among the types that cost the most are require a deeper soil depth. This especially when wet can become extremely heavy close to 4ookg per square meter. This means that engineers will have to take extreme and expensive measures to ensure structural integrity is high and structural loading measures are taken to compensate. These roofs generally take more maintenance and are more mothered by man to be keep to a high visual and operating standard. Semi intensive is a combination of extensive and intensive roof design and can be various depths. Extensive roof tops are the easiest to install for preexisting structures, are the most economical in terms of installation and maintenance. They do not require special care and can adapt and fit into their environment quite well.

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