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ENERGY (mitigation)

Created at: 24 Mar 2021


This basin of the cool circle is 10m deep and 35m wide and it stores 10 million liters of cool water. Water is used to cool several buildings on campus and research equipment. Some of the equipment, like a laser, produces a lot of heat and requires cooling to operate properly. At night when air temperatures are lower, water is cooled by cooling machines. The water is cooled to 8-10 degrees C. The cooler water flows into this basin at depth. Cool water is heavier so it stays there. During the day water that has cooled a building or equipment flows back into the basin at the top. This results in a temperature gradient. This gradient is so large it results in a thermocline that keeps the two layers apart. The top layer in a way insulates the cool water. The cooling machine we have on campus is very efficient and together with the fact that we can cool water at night when temperature differences are low, makes it a very efficient system. It has a COP of 7. This means for every kWh used , 7kWh cooling is produced. Not only does it saves money by having to use less energy, this water is also a backup in case of a big fire.

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Energiewinning en koeling uit water. Deze koudecirkel zorgt voor koeling en verwarming van de gebouwen en geeft een aanzienlijke energiebesparing.

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