floating island implentation for river rehabilitation

Floating Urbanisation

Created at: 15 Nov 2018



The problem in the river is caused by different things. The first problem to address is the fact that there is an extreme amount of trash in the river. The community and/or visitors around the Butuanon river seem to throw their trash in the river or on the street which than blows or flows (due to wind, rain and flooding) in to the river. This results in a river that has plastic al around the river bedding and in the water. The big trash pieces in the river result in obstructions in the water which cause sedimentation and a bad flow in the river. The third problem is that allot of companies and houses wastewater is dumped in the river. Sewage and chemical water flow in to the river without any form of filtering. This results in toxics coming in to the river and disturbing the quality.

Randomized plastic check

In one square meter al plastic is collected and removed from the sight. It’s a place on the side of the river which can easily overflow. Here the is a frame of one by one put on the ground. By collecting this plastic, it can be counted, categorized and removed from the area.

Counted By counting the pieces of plastic in one square meter there can be made an assumption of the amount of plastic around the river. By assuming an amount there can also be an assumption made toward the time it costs to clean the river and how polluted it is now.

Categorized By categorizing the plastic, there can be found what the biggest cause is from the pollution. What people tend to throw away or what is mainly used in the area. By analyzing this there can be an assumption of which groups of society have to be brought to the attention what the trash is doing to the river. In this counting there where 39 items from the category plastic/polystyrene found, one item for the paper/cardboard found and one item for the wood machined section.

Removed Removing the trash from the river is the place to start the healthiness of the river. The fresh water can flow freely, the plastics cannot break in smaller pieces and give off toxins and people tend to find it hard to be the ‘first’ on to make a sight dirty by throwing their trash in de river.

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Plastic en ander afval in een grote aanstichter van slechte waterkwaliteit. Filipijnse en Nederlandse studente doen een random plastic telling in een vierkante meter om een idee te hebben over hoeveel plastic er om de rivier heen ligt. In deze telling zijn er 41 stuks plastic gevonden.

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