Floating Urbanisation at Elbe

Floating Urbanisation

Created at: 04 Apr 2019


Description of Nature- Based Solution and works within RECONECT The main goal of the demonstration activities is the reactivation of the storage capacity of the rivers Bille, Dove and Gose Elbe, their tributaries and trenches (such as, Brookwetterung, Curslack) and their flood plains in the area of 110 km2, to create more retention volume for water during flooding. At the same time necessary stable water levels in the rivers can be provided during droughts. The functional NBS components will be (natural) floodplains and (natural) storages. The (improved) Bille, Dove and Gose Elbe monitoring and control system will focus on: The conversion of grey infrastructure into hybrid solutions The expansion of the existing linear and disciplinary approach into a holistic approach

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Floating Urbanisation at Elbe

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