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Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Kyushu's Floating Airports Seto Inland Sea and Kitakyushu Airport in Japan daytime aerial view from airplane

Taro Hama/e-kamakura/Getty Images

The island of Kyushu is home to two of Japan's floating airports: Nagasaki (which was the aforementioned second one built); and Kitakyushu, which serves a city that only true Japan aficionados will—this flower-filled tunnel is a staple of many a Japanophile's bucket list.

Nagasaki Airport is unique on this list because at least part of the island it was built on existed prior to construction. Kitakyushu Airport, on the other hand, which like Kobe Airport opened in 2006, was built on an island made from scratch.

Both of Kyushu's floating airports have relatively low traffic. Kitakyushu's only scheduled service is to Tokyo and Nagoya, while passengers at Nagasaki Airport can travel to international cities like Seoul and Shanghai, in addition to cities throughout Japan.

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